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Transceiver Modules for Fiber Connectivity

Pluggable optical transceivers are essential for fast, reliable telecommunication. Transceivers connect electronic devices to fiber optic cables or other types of networking cables. Pluggable transceivers are broadly used in the telecommunications industry, and they are supported by quite a few networking component vendors.

Telecommunication standards supported by pluggable transceivers include SONET, Fiber Channel and Ethernet, to name a few. Compact and convenient, the pluggable transceiver replaced the larger gigabit interface converter (GBIC).

Pluggable transceivers are compatible with a number of different transmission and reception types, which is convenient for users with diverse networking needs. Types of devices that communicate through transceivers include router devices, firewalls and network interfacing cards. When securing transceiver modules for fiber connectivity, people naturally seek out modules with proven reliability. After all, telecommunication networks are prime drivers of business, education, industry and government. Shop our QSFP+ and SFP+ Ethernet transceiver modules for professional quality and reliability!


High-Performance QSFP+ Transceiver Modules

The Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP) is a reliable, well-established type of transceiver that has had a significant positive impact worldwide. Many types of offices, companies and organizations use QSFP technology. However, a newer standard is steadily replacing QSFP. QSFP+ is a worthy successor to the positive legacy of QSFP. Offering improve data speed rates, the QSFP+ plug standard has enormous potential to increase bandwidth and optimize networking functions in a variety of ways. With QSFP+, data transfer rates can rise as high as 40 gigabytes per second. 40g QSFP+ optical transceiver modules are increasingly essential as people store and manipulate ever-larger amounts of data.

When using the QSFP+ standard, it makes sense to purchase compatible networking modules with above-adequate technical specifications and good value, especially if you’re buying multiple modules. By upgrading to quad SFP fiber channel transceivers, you can start enjoying the benefits of a faster, more modern protocol. Feel free to contact our customer service experts to find out if QSFP+ is right for your organization!

10G SFP+ Transceiver Modules

The SFP family of transceiver modules utilizes slightly older technology as compared to the newer quad SFP standard, but these devices remain important parts of many networking systems. The original SFP standard allows for data transfer rates that range from 1.25 to 4.25 gigabytes per second, but with SFP+ optical transceiver modules, network interfacing can become an even faster, more efficient process with speeds up to 10GPS.

Manufacturers construct these devices with thoughtfulness and attention to detail. When stocking up for networking and telecommunications functions, Cisco-compatible SFP+ transceivers are particularly useful and versatile investments. Good value is a prime consideration when purchasing 10g enhanced SFP transceivers or related modules. NW Cables’ quality guarantee and low, close-to-wholesale prices allow your organization to save money and allocate funds wisely. Contact our customer service department today for help choosing the right transceivers!

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