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Cable Management Supplies


Cables can quickly become an unruly, confusing tangle without proper organization. Out-of-control cables can pose a potential hazard to workers as well as the equipment to which the cables are connected.


Nylon cable ties are an economical choice for organizing cables quickly. Simply "zip" and then trim any excess. Hook and loop cable ties offer more colors and the convenience of a self-attaching material. R-type cable clamps are a good choice for a more secure method of controlling cables. Cable organizers offer yet another option for managing cables. The D Type 1U Metal Cable Management panel can be placed neatly inside a standard 19-inch rack. The five D-rings are easy to open and close.


For versatility, it is difficult to find a better option than hook and loop fastening tape. This easy-to-use self-attaching tape is ideal for special projects or as a temporary tie wrap. It is available in five different colors, making color-coding both easy and inexpensive.

Cable Organizers Nylon Cable Clamps

Cable Organizers for Your Desk or Office

The cables required to merely set up a desktop computer with a mouse, keyboard, printer and scanner can quickly become an unruly tangle. Cable desk organizers keep cables in their place, making the area look neater and better organized while protecting both personnel and the cables themselves.

Keeping cables organized is an even greater challenge when multiple workstations or desktops must be connected to servers or shared peripheral equipment. Metal cable management panels are a popular option for taming wild cables. This helps make the area safer for workers and equipment, but it also allows for easy labeling of the cables so that there need never be any doubt regarding which cable is connected to which workstation.

D-ring cable management racks feature rings that are 3 inches in depth and 1.75 inches in height. The five rings are easily opened and closed, and the 19-inch panel is sized to fit inside a standard-width equipment rack. Order one for your desk or multiples for your office!

Nylon Cable Ties Velcro Cable Ties

Easy Cable Management with Nylon Zip Ties

Nylon zip ties for cable management are an economical and versatile way to avoid tripping hazards while protecting cables and the equipment to which the cables are attached. They are simple to use — just insert the tapered end through the block on the other end, tighten and snip off any excess. Nylon cable management ties are tough and strong, and they will hold securely for as long as they are needed. However, when it is time to remove them, they can be cut with a pair of scissors to free the cables.

Buying bulk nylon cable ties in packages of 100 is a cost-effective way to control cables. They are available in black or white and in lengths of 6, 8 or 12 inches. This makes it easy to choose the best length for the job, whether it is taming the cables in a home theater, organizing a desktop computer or managing the cables in a server farm.

Velcro Strap Tape

Hook & Loop Fastening Tape for Cables

Multicolored cable management Velcro tape is an ideal addition to any home or office toolbox. Cable management strap tape is an extremely versatile product that offers virtually unlimited possibilities. It can be used as a temporary method of controlling cables during a move or installation, marking cables during a patch-panel replacement or even hanging pictures. No special tools are needed as all that is required is a pair of scissors to cut the fastening tape to the desired length.

Velcro fastening tape for cables is 0.75 inch in width and is sold in rolls that are 5 meters, or 16.4 feet, in length. One side of the tape features loops, while the hooks are on the other side. Simply wrap and press to secure. Tape can be re-positioned as needed.

Hook and loop fastening tape is available in a range of colors, including red, yellow, black, blue and green. This makes it easy to color-code the cables or cords that need to be secured, but the different colors can also be used to add a bright or whimsical touch in a home office or den.

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